How do i start?
Select any plan/ service of your choice - Discuss your project with us.
We deliver beyond your expectations.
Can i select a single plan e.g Logo Design?
Yes you can
How is it delivered?
Deliverables are based on the single or multiple plan you choose. some take 24hrs to deliver, some 72hrs, while some extend up to 6 weeks from start date.
Bottom line is, once a plan is selected and sent to us, we send you a quote with execution time frame due to your project.
Do you build websites from scratch?
Yes! We design and develop from idea phase to completion just as you want it.
How do we make payment?
Payments are made through Paypal, Bank transfer, Cash in hand (if within our proximity).
In what currency do we pay?
Us dollars and Nigerian naira
How can i be sure you'll get the job done?
We make it our responsibility to build and maintain trust with our clients, that is why we do a PROOF OF CONCEPT.

For every web development project, we design a mockup for you without initial payment. T&C applies.
How long after viewing a mockup design do i have to pay?
You have up-to 72hrs to make 1st installment so that we can proceed with completion of your work.

An additional 20usd/ day will be added to your initial billing everyday after the 72hrs until your first payment.
Do you do mockup for everyone who contacts you?
Yes, only if you request for it.
Can distance be an issue?
Distance can never be an issue. As soon as we understand your project we do a proof of concept.
Upon agreement, a mutual understanding is reached on the next phase.

We deliver beyond your expectations no matter where you are and where you're from.
Do you accept installmental payment?
Yes we do. 60% initial stage and 40% at the final stage